Download PDF by Gregory McNamee: A Desert Bestiary: Folklore, Literature, and Ecological

By Gregory McNamee

ISBN-10: 0585024995

ISBN-13: 9780585024998

ISBN-10: 1555661769

ISBN-13: 9781555661762

Following the version of the medieval Latin bestiaries, Gregory McNamee has written a booklet instantaneously naturalistic, folkloristic, and literary, made from brief essays on forty-three animals of the world’s deserts. those essays talk about the creatures as they're and as they're imagined, and convey their average lives and histories vividly to the web page.

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Africanized bees are only a small part of that story, a story of the destruction we have wrought upon our- Page 19 selves. Only when the natural world begins to fight back will we know how frightened we should really be. S. Haldane, asked to state his view of nature after a long career studying it. Twenty years ago, I recalled his remark while sitting alongside an ancient roadcut in the arid mountains of southern Italy, watching dung beetles at their work. As they made ball bearings of little pieces of cowpie, I thought, yes, wherever you go in the desert, you will find beetles of the most wondrous description, and in numbers that suggest divine favor.

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