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How do you live on whilst you’re eleven years outdated and all of your relatives were taken from you and killed? How do you still reside, whilst every little thing round you is designed to make sure yes loss of life? Arek Hersh tells his tale easily and in truth, a relocating account of a bit boy who made his personal good fortune and survived. he's taking us into the tragic international imposed on him that robbed him of his adolescence. The intensity of the tragedy, power of braveness and tool of survival will circulation you and encourage you. opposite to assertions that the Holocaust years have been a trifling ‘detail of history’, Arek Hersh supplies us a glimpse into the best disaster that guy has ever inflicted on his fellow guy.

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Her ancestors were Spanish, as could be seen from her looks, and my father’s were Russian. My father’s family had come to Poland from Russia one hundred and fifty years before; my mother’s family could be traced back to the time of the Spanish Inquisition in the Fifteenth Century. I suppose I was quite a mischievous boy. I did all the things small boys like to do, but shouldn’t. However, once in a while my mischief managed to help other people. I remember once, when I was five years old, I fell and cut my leg badly whilst chasing another boy.

As I ran through the maize field taking cover amongst the tall, thick plants, another plane started to dive-bomb towards me. Panic-stricken, I ran towards a road. To my right a horse lay dying, beside which was a man, a woman and three children. They must have been the victims of a direct hit as they were all badly injured, two of them having had their legs blown off in the blast. A terrible fear overcame me. I changed direction, and once again started running towards my cousin’s house when suddenly everything went quiet.

As a result of this ordeal, my father decided that it was too dangerous to stay in a town, and that maybe it might be better in a village. We said our goodbyes to our relatives and started on our journey. We made our way towards a large forest, passing fields with fruit trees on both sides of the road. Soon Zdunska Wola faded from our view. Still nervous and fearful from our experiences, we kept our ears open for approaching planes. As we neared the forest we passed a small white building, where we were stopped by two Kanarki - military policemen.

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