A Rain Forest Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure in South by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn PDF

By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

ISBN-10: 0822574977

ISBN-13: 9780822574972

Welcome to a South American rain wooded area! As you push your approach in the course of the thick, eco-friendly jungle, you spot, listen, and believe the natural world. Howler monkeys screech overhead as they munch on leaves. Antbirds swoop via looking for tasty insects. Day and evening within the rain wooded area, the search is directly to locate food--and to prevent changing into somebody else's subsequent meal. All residing issues are attached to each other in a meals chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, plant to insect, and bug to animal. What direction will you're taking to stick with the nutrients chain during the rain wooded area? Will you ... Crouch within the shadows with a jaguar? Slither during the leaves with an anaconda? Lurk within the jungle evening with a tarantula? stick with all 3 chains and plenty of extra in this who-eats-what event!

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Some animals follow the ants, hoping for some of the free food the ants stir up on the jungle floor. Some animals might even try to snatch a few ants as well. But before the lizard can even think to swipe a few ants, a guard ant nips it with its enormous mandibles. Wisely, the lizard clears out before it, too, becomes food for the swarm. More and more ants are headed to the center of the swarm. Despite being blind, they never run into one another. The first ants leave a trail. The ants behind them follow it, and soon traffic lanes appear.

He all the insects, they would can carry up to 850 times weigh more than any other his own weight. Imagine living thing (except the trees a real rhino being able to themselves) in the jungle. lift 850 other rhinos. Or imagine that you could lift 850 kids at one time! The beetle scurries on. He is a decomposer. He’s helping to clean up the forest floor by munching on the fallen leaves and fruit. But when he was younger, he really cleaned up. Rhinoceros beetle larvas scour the forest floor and gobble up rotting wood.

Last night for dinner, they slurped . . An t S t i t c h en sstitches for a r gotte Have you eve e cut itches hold th st e h T t? cu ig b ve South can heal. Nati it so r e th e g to army metimes use so s n ca ri e m A ey press me thing. Th sa e th r fo ts n a ard ant dibles of a gu the huge man around The ant bites against a cut. ges d pulls the ed the wound an s twist the ant’ y e th n e h T together. main, mandibles re body off. The ill stop t so that it w closing the cu heal. bleeding and .

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