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By Jasper Griffin

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This convenient advisor to The Odyssey introduces scholars to a textual content which has been primary to literature for almost 3,000 years. offering a precis of the poem and reading its constitution, Jasper Griffin truly outlines the cohesion, values and methods of the poem, in addition to the explanations for its longstanding allure. scholars will observe the basic issues of loyalty and betrayal, and should be guided throughout the narrative of Odysseus' adventures, as well as a necessary advisor to additional studying. First version Hb (1987): 0-521-32804-7 First variation Pb (1987): 0-521-31043-1

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That is only to say, what is obvious enough, that the Odyssey really is a poem, whose effects are intimately connected with the exact words used. A paraphrase in prose cannot be quite like that. And yet it is very hard to produce a translation into a modern verse idiom of such a long poem, or into any verse idiom of a poem whose range, of subject-matter and of style, is so wide. In the last half century a number of verse translations have been produced, especially in America, which have considerable merits.

When Odysseus’ arrows run out he too puts on armour, and the battle is finished with spears. All the Suitors are killed. The disloyal maid-servants are hanged, and Melanthius gruesomely punished. Book 23 Eurycleia informs Penelope, who refuses to believe that this is Odysseus. After a scene of fencing between husband and wife, Odysseus reveals himself in response to her trick instruction to move his bed. He tells her his true story, and the two are united at last in love. Book 24 Hermes shepherds the souls of the Suitors down to the Underworld.

The loyal oxherd Philoetius appears. A third Suitor, Ctesippus, throws an ox-foot at Odysseus. The Suitors are overcome with crazy laughter: the seer Theoclymenus sees them as marked out for death. Book 21 Penelope fetches the bow of Odysseus and announces the test: stringing the bow and shooting through the axes. The Suitors in turn try to string the bow but fail. Odysseus reveals his identity to Eumaeus and Philoetius. All the Suitors fail except Antinous, who postpones his turn. Odysseus succeeds, over their opposition, in getting hold of the bow, Penelope being sent away from the hall; he strings it and shoots through the axes.

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